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Welcome to Muay Thai Singapore Pte. Ltd.

We are here to make your learning Muay Thai experience to be easier and more enjoyable. Learn special techniques and strategies used in this toughest form of martial arts. We will help you to be the best Muay Thai fighter! Email us today to find out about our rates and other important information at

Latest Update

We choose to add more sections which will give you more information and latest details about Muay Thai. By this, you will learn more about the techniques and tactics used during the battle. Now, it will be easier for you to learn how to be a Muay Thai fighter.


If you like to lose your excess weight and gain the six packs of abs, we can help you achieve that. We have prepared several sections and courses for teaching you how to lose weight, build your muscles, burn you fat faster and many more.

Our Services

We are here to help you to learn how to be a good Muay Thai fighter. We are conducting personal training sessions, classes and useful techniques which you can use to beat your opponent and win the battle. Email us today for more information at


We will conduct a live tutorial. We invited the famous names in the world of Muay Thai Singapore Kickboxing. They will show you their ability and they will share their tactics used inside the ring. This is once in a lifetime opportunity, so do not miss this moment.

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If you are knowledgeable and you are playing in Muay Thai kickboxing, we are pleased to welcome you. We are looking for additional instructors who will teach our students. If you are interested, just contact us and send your resume.

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If you want to be a great Muay Thai fighter, come and join us. We are free to answer your questions and inquiries about the courses and class schedules. Email us now at One representative from team of passionate trainers will get back to your enquiry within 24 hours.